System customization

NAVIGATOR365 offers a variety of possibilities for system personalization. The platform is designed to be easy to use and customizable for any user. You can change your graphic themes, image, password, language or favorite applications.

Graphic theme #

You can choose a graphic theme that is suitable for you from a few possible options in the profile menu, which is expandable on the top right corner of your screen. Then just hover on the “Theme” button and select one of the options. It is not possible to create your own styles.



Image change #

You can switch your image, language or login in the Profile settings. You can enter it by expanding the top right corner menu and pressing the “Profile” button. From there you can click on the red “Edit” button, which will enable you to make any changes in your profile.

If you want to change your picture, you can either press the “add image” button and select an image from your repository or simply drag and drop it on top of the button. Remember to save your image, by pressing the “Save” button.



Switching the language #

A default language for a NAVIGATOR application is English. However if you want to change it you can go into the Settings category by choosing “Settings” under the main buttons in the top right corner as shown in the picture below. Then just choose your preferred language from the expandable list labeled “Default language”. After that simply press the “Save” button to save your changes.



Changing the password #

To change your password go into the Profile section and press the “Edit” button. Make sure you are in the “Settings” page. There you will find the “Change password” button, which after pressing will leave you with three fields: “Old password”, “Create new password” and “Confirm new password”. In order to make change happen, you need to correctly write your current password down in the “Old password” field and your new password twice in the remaining fields. Then just click on the “Save” button to update your changes.



Favorites #

While having too many objects it can be worth it to select the most used ones as your favorites. You can do it by hovering on the menu element that you want to select as your favorite one and pressing the 3 dotted button on the right side as shown below. There will appear an option “Add to favorites” which will make your element display on top of the menu in the “Favorites” category.

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