Office is an application that helps managing incoming and outgoing documents and letters/e-mails. The application consists of: Dashboard, Incoming letters, Outgoing letters, Cases and Statistics. From here you can manage or create any document with just a few clicks. 


Dashboard #

Dashboard is your main screen from which you can create new documents or cases or find existing ones. Documents can be found in the “Waiting for your action” section and “Your recent document” section. Their role is to keep you updated about the most important actions that you need to take and most current documents that you already completed. If you ever find yourself having troubles doing your tasks in the right order, this feature is just for you.

You can also hide any section you want to focus on tasks you are currently working on. There is also an option to search through your documents in the section “Waiting for your action” to find this exact document instantly.


Incoming letters #

As the name suggests, it is the list of all incoming documents that you are able to view.  Pressing the button at the right side of the document will let you Edit, Copy or Delete any document. Pressing the purple linked signature will direct you to more specific data about this document. 

On the left side there is a place for Attachments that you can download to your device, preview or open in another application.

The right (main) side is divided into segments: General, To, From and Related Documents.

In “General” you will find information about Title, Status, Dates, Document signature or Remarks.

Segments “From” and “To” contain information about the recipient and sender of the document.

Last part “Related documents” is a list of documents that can be related to the document you’re currently in. For example here will be placed an offer that was sent with the document and an invoice for purchase.



Outgoing letters #

Works the same way as incoming documents does, but consists only of outgoing documents.



Cases #

When it comes to document segregation, Cases are one of the most useful places in the Office app. It is the list of every business Case with all the documents related to it inside. For example, one of the cases may be a car accident. Inside the Case you will find all the documents, such as: car insurance, statement of the perpetrator of the collision or responsible employees documentation.

This part of the application is designed to keep documents segregated. Everything that we need to know about any situation is stored in one place.

We can enter any case from the list by clicking on the red text. Inside there are fields such as: title, owner, dates and description. Yet the most important part is the Related documents section. It’s where all the documents related to the case are stored.

You can simply add one by pressing the button “Add” on the right side. Then search for your document by typing its name in the Search bar or by sorting it like a regular list. You can learn more about lists in this article. You can either select one of them or choose as many as you want at the same time.

Creating a case is also that easy. Just press the “New case” button in the Cases screen and put all the necessary data and documents in. Remember to Save your actions afterwards.



Statistics #

The last element of the menu is a Statistics section. It shows the data about the documents in an attractive way. On the left side the chart shows the amount of incoming documents throughout the week, while the right chart shows which department received how many of them.


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