Form designer

Design forms users will love

We care about UX. Our forms will look great on every device despite the number of fields. You can implement your own logic how form should react to certain inputs. Users would be amazed how your application interacts with them.


Advanced logic

Implement interactivity and automation

Based on the current field input other fields can react. They can hide or appear, become required, change editability mode, but most importantly, the values may be calculated automatically. System replies smoothly refreshing only necessary data.

Form layouts

From very simple to extremely advanced

Creating simple mobile forms is easy. For that we have one or two column layout. Extensive forms with dozens of fields, including images, lists etc. is a challenge. Especially if they have to look good on mobile too. That’s why we put so much effort to groups. They can be scrollable, expendable and nested in each other. You will appreciate it when the need arises.

Responsive design

Adopt to every screen size

Form and list designers allow to use the full potential of every screen size. Of course system has default rules, but you can adjust them to your case. For example by clicking which button from menu should always be visible and which can be hidden when the screen is smaller.


Form views

Adjust form appearance to usage scenarios

There are scenarios, especially with complex forms, when you want the same form (the same data) to be seen different way. It’s not only about switching visibility of the fields but also rearranging the layout.


External forms

Dock the form wherever you want

You can use forms outside of the system. For example on your website (to leave contact data) or to collect opinion (polling). In this model users do not log in so they do not need accounts in the system.


Data change history

Decide how you want to log data changes

The system can track every change in data on the form thanks to the change history.

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