Extensive no-code development platform

Create simple or advanced apps. Manage and automate processes.
All without coding skills. Join the citizen development movement.

What is no-code development

Instead of building every app from scratch you can use predefined components. The process is similar to building with Lego bricks. The results are stunning. In a few dozen minutes you can make a working prototype and share it with the users. After a few iterations, you will get the application ready to use. Unconvinced? Test it!

According to Gartner’s estimates, by 2024 65% of solutions will be developed using the no-code low-code approach.


Intelligent forms

Design forms users will love

Drag and drop designer. Conditional form actions. Responsive design (mobile&web). Complex forms support (splitters, tabs, groups). Multilanguage support.

Process management and automation

Design end to end workflows

BPMN drag and drop designer. Integrated with forms or independent. Extensive automation actions. Smart connectors.

App ecosystem

Start simple then scale. On every platform

RWA technology. Interactive dashboards. Advanced search options. Custom branding. Advanced security options. App Lifecycle management. Automatic documentation.

What is no-code development

No-code development is the process of developing apps without the coding part, usually through a graphical drag-and-drop builder. Business apps can also be developed without coding skills, meaning that there is no need to hire programmers that will create a dedicated solution. This, in turn, helps save time and money thanks to off-the-shelf platforms such as NAVIGATOR365.

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