News in the 1.8 version

Trash added to the System application #

A new feature has been added to catch deleted documents and store them in the Trash. The user has now the possibility to restore an accidentally deleted document or permanently delete it.

New action – move to activity #

There is now possibility to jump between steps in the process. Current waiting steps will be terminated and the process will carry on from the chosen step or finish if the end step has been chosen.

Adding files to the comments #

Adding comments is a standard feature available on all documents. From version 1.8 there is also a possibility to attach a file or a screenshot to the comment.


New action on the process path to enter sensitive data by the user #

When the process needs to connect to another system using API, authorization is needed. To avoid storing sensitive passwords in the process the screen will pop up to provide the reqquired data like password. The password will be saved in a variable and can be used later in the process to perform actions like Call REST API. First, necessary variables must be created to easily mention them in the following actions.

A new column on the lists to show attachments #

When creating the list of documents it is now possible to add a column Attachments showing files attached to the document on the list. By clicking it we can easily download the file to the local disk.



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