Events is an app where you can manage all of the events in the company, such as anniversaries, Christmas parties and more.

Dashboard #

As all of the apps in NAVIGATOR365, this application has a dashboard. Here you have shortcuts, your recent events, Recently confirmed invitations, Events waiting for your action, Events in progress and This month’s events. This gives you an overlook on the current situation regarding events, as well as gives you a quick access to all the documents and forms you might need.

Events #

The next section is called Events. It’s a list of all the events in your company (like conferences, parties and team building). By clicking on the event you acces a form with all of the information about it. There you can see the list of guests, status and workflow.

Invitations #

Here you can see all of the invitations sent to the guests. You can sort them by date. In the workflow tab you can see how the process went.

Guests #

This is a database for all of the potential guests. It is especially handy since all of the elements in NAVIGATOR365 are interlinked – so, for example, in the scenario where you would like to see more information about someone, you would go to this section and click on their name in order to see that.

Event types #

If you have repetitive events in your company, here you could add the event types, such as conferences, parties and team-building events.

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