News in the 1.6 version

Translation in the mail template #

Mail templates are used to send system information such as notifications of waiting documents. Users can now add a translation to the template.

When the system sends an email to the user, it checks the user’s default language first and then sends mail in translation according to these settings.

New system action: Bar Code scanner #

A new action has been added, which allows you to use a camera in your phone to scan a barcode or QR code from the document, product, equipment, etc., and insert retrieved value in the field on the form.

To configure this function add a standard text field and a button and then configure the button by selecting Scan QR code or Scan bar code action and the field where to store the data.

Top N option in charts #

In all types of charts often there is too much data. When you want to show for example total sales with clients, showing all tens or hundreds of your clients makes the charts overloaded. In such a case, you can now configure your chart to show only top N values and sum up others. To set the top 3 selling managers on the chart, the user enters 3 in the Count field.

Then, on the chart, you can see the partners with the highest balance and sum up the rest.

New function for Date type fields – This week #

When setting conditions for the date type field on the form, it is now available to refer with a function to This week. It works in the same way as referring to This day, This month, etc.

New action in the process – Start process #

A new action has been added to the activity type on the steps of the process. It is now possible to start or launch another process inside the existing workflow. It makes building processes easier. Shorter processes can be created and use other core processes already existing in the application. The main process will also wait for started new process to finish before moving forward to the next step.

Adding views of a form #

In the new update, Forms gained the ability to have different views of a form. A form view, once created, is based on the main form and can be modified without affecting an original form. Groups can be repositioned, attributes can be repositioned, and have different visibility and editability than the original form. It is also possible to use it in the process actions Form view after finishing the process and New document form view.

Added conditions to the path in the workflow #

In the new version, the configuration of the field condition has been moved from the step to the path. In the older version, you could only configure one set of conditions in action, which was validated on every path. Now you can configure different conditions for each path so you can force to fill one field on the path Accepted and different on the path Rejected.

These settings are applied only for field requirement, editability, and visibility you can set, as it was, on the action configuration.

Movie upload available #

The functionality of an attribute Attachment has been extended. It is now possible to add movie files like MP4. When there is a movie file added it is possible to watch it directly with a player built in the Navigator365 app.

New environmental variables – Application ID and Application URL #

When designing forms and processes there is now the possibility to mention the Application URL and Application ID from Environment variables. It is a very useful no-code feature to quickly create URL links for example when using Redirect to URL action in the process.

A new version of Call REST API action #

An action of Call REST API has been simplified and it is now more intuitive and more automatic to set up. When setting the action we now only need to choose the HTTP request method (PUT, POST, PATCH), enter a specific Service URL from the API provider, and use JASON (creator) content type to be able to get the Objects and Values from a template with just one click. Once we have done this we can easily enter the required values to match the template values in the query.

Login with Microsoft Account #

It is now possible to log in to the Navigator365 application using the user’s Microsoft account. To match users with Microsoft accounts, users need to use their email address associated with Microsoft and securely save tokens to authorize access.

Improve performance when saving documents #

Following extensive tests, essential changes to the back office system processes have been applied. It is now noticeably faster to work with documents. The performance of key processes like saving document changes has been greatly improved.

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