Boost your administration management with NAVIGATOR365

Boost your effectiveness

Make your organization modern and digital with NAVIGATOR365. Years of experience helped us create a tool that will fit almost any type of company and will work on all browsers and devices.

Get rid of paper

Digital life is an easier life. Replace your desk stacked with paper with an electronic document archive

Make Data safe

Document-related work requires safety and data confidentiality. NAVIGATOR365 fulfills all the law requirements, by having the ISO-27001 certificate. That means our data processing regulations are complete, always available, and the methods of its processing are clearly defined.

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Combine documents into cases

Documents often come in a bunch. You can easily combine them into cases, so you won’t have to look for a related document.

Automize paperwork

There are not many documents. There are too many documents. But you can save yourself some time with almost all of them. NAVIGATOR365 is all about optimizing your work, especially when it comes to papers. Data capture, OCR , Digital Signature, you want it – we got it!

Manage your fleet, events and devices

You are the boss. You control all the things that you own. NAVIGATOR365 lets you create complete lists of your resources and grant permissions to them. All the requests your employees make, will be in one place, easy to monitor.

Gather statistics about your work

NAVIGATOR365 collects all the data about your documents. How many documents are coming to which department? Is there more or less of them?

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