Data presentation & analytics

Multifunctional lists

Search, explore, export data with ease

By default list is bound to the form (one or many). It inherits the logic of the form, so you can perform actions for selected records. But you can also bind it to SQL query. Functionalities of the list are stunning: grouping, filtering, inline editing, export to Excel and many others.


A picture is worth a thousand words

Place one or more charts on your form or dashboard. Deployment is easy. You choose the list as the data source and the chart type. In fact, that’s it. An additional wow effect is brought by animations when rendering the chart.


Highlight the really important numbers

The most important figures can be visualized in large sizes, conditionally formatted according to their values. You can also add some icons to better interpret the status and trend

Interactive dashboards

Turn on data mining

Users love interactivity. That’s why we enabled our charts to be filters to other controls. The result is stunning. You select the value on chart that you would like to explore and immediately other parts of the dashboard (list, charts, metrics) filter to this selection.

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