HR at its best:it has never been so functional simple functional

Make it easy

HR will definitely turn to your go-to application. Everything you need is in here. You can recruit new candidates, create campaigns, even plan your team vacations. Easy as that.

Make it faster

Automate every repetitive process possible. Noone likes spending countless hours with bureaucracy. NAVIGATOR365 will happily take away boring tasks from you, leaving more creative and fascinating work for your team.

Make it better

Collect the fruits of your labor in the form of savings and higher profit. NAVIGATOR365 gathers all the data about processes in your company and helps you make decisions based on them.

Ready to dive in?

Watch our demo video of how form creation works in NAVIGATOR365.

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Absence management

Give your employees a self-service platform and never worry about counting the vacation days yourself again.

Analyse the absences

Thanks to the dashboards. Per type, per employee, by year, by month… you name it.

Automated recruitment process

Create your own recruitment platform that will collect all of the necessary information about the candidates.

Backup candidates repository

Create your own potential employee database with up-to-date information, so you will never lose your contacts again.

Training management

Organize and manage courses, webinars, and e-learning sessions. It’s simple to create them and even easier to join them. Get rid of the logistic chaos thanks to N365.

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