General info #

Allocations is an application that helps manage resources and accesses in a company. It’s especially helpful for HR when bringing in new employees – in this app, you can create a basic “package” of assignments and accesses that certain positions should have by default, such as access to the company’s CRM system for a salesperson and dedicated office space and a laptop.

Dashboard #

As in every NAVIGATOR365 app, the first thing you see is the dashboard. Here you have all the classic shortcuts, such as New request, New resource, and New permission, that help you to work with the app more quickly and efficiently.
Next, you’ll see your last documents, these include all the documents you’ve been working with previously, where you either assign someone an allocation or ask for one yourself.

The other section is pending requests – these are the requests that await your action – you can either approve, verify, or reject them. When clicking on the request, you access a form with all of the information – type of allocation, when was it first initiated, workflow, and comments that provide additional information needed to make a decision.

Requests #

Here by clicking on New Request you can request different resources or see other requests you have made previously.

When you request something, you need to choose the approver, user (you can assign resources to other employees), and type of action: you can either request or withdraw resources. Choose your resource in the Assignment of resource/permission section and send it to the approver. It will appear in their pending requests.

Resources #

The next section is a list of resources and permissions. Resources are linked to the material resources you have, such as laptops, phones, office supplies, etc. Permissions are about non-tangible resources, such as access to different resources like, for example, NAVIGATOR365, Microsoft account, and so on.

Current assignments #

As the name suggests, here you can check the current status of the assignments.

Assignment history #

It is a perfect tool that ensures safety because here you can see the chronology of one’s assignments.

Planned reviews #

Here you can find planned reviews of the resources, such as license checks or annual assignment checks.


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