Have your cake and eat it too: automate and improve your customer relations

Automate your selling processes
and focus on what’s important. Identify the most and least efficient stages of your sales strategy and forecast revenue to drive your sales sky high.

Build your own customer database,
make data-based decisions and forget about losing your client information ever again 

Improve your customer relationships
and choose the right strategy thanks to NAVIGATOR365

Ready to improve your sales pipeline?


Automated contract generation

Tired of writing all of the contracts manually? We’ve got you covered. Create a template once and fill out the form rest of the time.

Document archive

Offers, invoices and contracts all in one place. Not only is it convenient, but also very safe. Never worry about losing your documents thanks to electronic data warehouses that make it easy to search them through and find the one you are looking for without going through them one by one.

Lead management

Convert leads into clients. In NAVIGATOR365 you can organize your contacts as you wish. You will be reminded by the system every time an action needs to be taken.


Deal pipeline

Never pass up an opportunity. Effective deal pipeline is your key to generate higher close rate. It helps you find bottlenecks in your sales cycle and track your prospects with up-to-date information.

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