News in the 1.7 version

Calendar view on the list #

A new option has been added to the list. Now you can view the list as a calendar. Furthermore, you can add a new document by just selecting a date on the calendar. After clicking on the last day of the selected period a form for adding a new document will appear in the pop-up window.

Open a document with a middle mouse button #

Now you can open a document by clicking on the link with a middle mouse button. The document will appear in the new window tab.


Saving process diagram without setting path names #

Process design has been improved. Now you can draw the entire process and save it without the obligation to add path names in the user actions.


Tooltip on the choose attributes #

Sometimes, when you have to add a selection attribute such as radio buttons to the form, you have a dilemma. This element should be well presented so should be short but on the other hand, it should be long enough for the user to easily understand the value.

Now you can have both. You can add a tooltip to each position in the sequence of answers by simply choosing a column on the list used in attribute configuration which contains a tooltip.

Get mails action #

New action Get mails is now available. The action run within the process will access the mail server and retrieve all new emails. Later you can use data from emails like To, From, Subject, etc., and use the values when creating new documents in a loop iterating on retrieved emails.


Stop process action #

A new action has been added. You can configure a button on a form and assign the action Stop process to it. The action will stop the running process with the possibility to resume it with the action Resume process. It allows a user to manually manage running processes.

New features in Send mail action #

Action Send mail has been changed. Now you have many new tools to configure this action, such as adding fields from the form to each email field (so-called mentions) or using HTML tags in fields.


Configuration documents #

Many more sophisticated applications need a configuration. Sometimes a simple configuration form is enough but usually a more detailed approach is necessary. For example, you can create a CRM form with opportunity statuses, make a list from this form and use it to configure a dropdown attribute. Unfortunately, when you import your application into another environment you need to create all documents from scratch.

Now, with this new functionality, you can mark specific documents as “for export” and all these documents will be transferred to a new environment.

Edit attachment in Microsoft365 #

In the new version of Navigator365, we added integration with Microsoft 365. Now, if you have a Microsoft 365 account and use it to log in to Navigator, you can call the Office or Excel web application and edit the file. After saving the document system automatically substitute the attachment with a newer version.

Default executor in creating process #

When you design and create a new process each new action, by default, is a User activity action. Unfortunately, you cannot save the process unless you configure each action executor.

Now the system, by default, sets the Process owner as an action executor so you can save the process and configure it later.


Merge Json action – JSON file manipulation #

A new action has been added, which can manipulate JSON files. When you use Call REST API to integrate two systems often you get some data in JSON format from one system and change it on the second system. For example, add an entry to the list and return it to the first system.

This action can merge two JSON so you can prepare data in Navigator365, merge it with data retrieved from another system, and then send it back.

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