News in the 1.5 version

Action Change field values added to the path in the workflow #

In the new version, a possibility to change field values on the path in the workflow has been added. It is now advisable to use this action to amend the document during workflow using paths so it is changed between 2 steps in the workflow. This shortens processes and removes the possibility of adding extra steps just to change a field’s value.

Added translation option #

From the 1.5 version, creating a new Navigator365 platform with a language choice option is now possible. Users can change the language in which applications are displayed and also set a dedicated translation for each created element of the application including forms, attributes, tooltips, processes, steps, and paths.

New Attribute – Switch #

It is now available to add on the form an attribute Switch. The attribute is to be used when deciding between 2 options. It is another graphical improvement to a checkbox functionality where it is possible to design a witch with customized names for enabled/disabled options.

When saving a document with empty required fields the system will generate an error pop window with a link redirecting a user to the required field.

Adjusting the privileges for an anonymous user #

The privileges for anonymous user has been changed. Now anonymous users cannot read the document created by themselves. This change was required to prevent access to other documents, for example a CV, which another applicant may submit also being an anonymous user.

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