Creating an application

Creating an application in Navigator365 is a very simple and fast process. You need just a few steps to make one.

Let’s start creating an application by selecting the Create New Application option from the application menu. It is available from anywhere in the system.

Create an application card #

You can see a short form with a few fields in the section General Info.

Create an application card

In the Name, you can type the name of your application. It is good if the name is short and indicates the main functionality of the application.

The Application guid field contains the unique string of characters that is needed to separate your application in the database. The guid will be generated and visible after saving the application creation form.

In the Description field, you can enter additional information about the possibilities and functions of your application. It is a good habit to leave notes about functionality and purpose for other admin users.

Now you can choose one of the icons from the list (Icon). This will make the application properly highlighted and stand out in the system list of applications. Once ready press Save.

At this point, additional options will appear in the menu on the left, key application elements that need to be configured. Four items in Navigator require configuration – forms, lists, processes, and menus. You can configure it in any order, but it is recommended to do it in that order. Thanks to this, you can use the tools that allow you to do most of the activities automatically.

Create a form #

The first element that you need to add to the application is the form. After selecting Forms, a list of forms in the application will appear. At the beginning, of course, the list is empty. After adding a new form, a window with its configuration will appear.

You can learn more about creating forms in this article.

Create a list #

It’s best to generate a list based on the created form. The option to generate a list can be found in the More menu (represented by the three dots icon on the right).

The generated list is named the same as the form based on which it was created. To change it, go to list settings and find the right option. It is good advice to name the list in the plural or even use the word List to mark the list type. You can see many other options to configure, such as visibility of columns, sorting data, etc.

You can learn more about creating lists in this article.

Create a workflow procedure #

Creating a procedure is similar and fields like Name and Data source must be entered. After saving the tabs to create a Diagram, add Variables will appear. If you are familiar with the BPMN standard, you will have no difficulties learning how to create a process in Navigator365.

You can learn more about creating workflow procedures in this article.

Create a menu #

Here you can configure the application menu. The menu is what an end-user sees on the left side of the application. In this way, you can create a basic navigation through the elements of the application. Here you add Dashboards, lists, etc. When adding a new menu item choose the name, linking Type, and Target element. You can link a menu item with a list, form, or link to any place in the application. It is a good practice to add an Icon for a better UX design.

You can learn more about creating a menu in this article.

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