News in the 1.4 version

Action: Wait for the time #

A new type of activity in the workflow has been added – Wait for the time. It is an automatic action to hold the process for a specific period of time (specified in seconds, minutes, or hours).

Action: Wait for the condition #

A new action in the process has been added. It allows the creator to hold the process until certain conditions are met. The user sets conditions on the path to follow after are met. The system checks this condition every minute.

Action: Generate PDF/Word #

This new automatic action is to be used inside the process. It generates a Pdf or Word file based on a chosen template. The template must be prepared in Word with inserted preformatted fields using Quick parts from the Insert tab in Microsoft Word. Fields should be formatted with MergeField name to be visible for Navigator365 generating PDF action. A user then can assign fields from the template with the required data. Button Get from template makes it very easy to use.

Added searching the list of mentioned fields #

From this version, a search tab has been added to search through all listed fields available to mention in the configuration of forms and processes.

Improved mobile version of Navigator365 app #

The behavior of large groups with attributes on the form has been improved and it is now adjusting to any screen size. Also, the behavior of columns on the list marked as responsive is now corrected with the effect of a better end-user view.

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