Communication in the system

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Consult #

When participating in any type of workflow, there is a possibility that your task needs to be consulted with someone. You can pass any kind of information by using the “Consult” option in your workflow. In order to consult, first open your document. Go into the Workflow section by selecting the Workflow tab in the tab panel, which is usually in the top-right corner of your working area. Inside you will find the workflow history and your action that needs to be taken. Next to your typical buttons there is also an expandable button. By pressing it, there will be an option called “Consult” which is what we are looking for. After clicking the button, the pop-up will appear on your screen. From there you can simply select an user that you want to consult your task with and write your message. The receiving person will be notified about consultation and will be required to take further actions in this workflow. The workflow won’t continue until the person notified responds to it.



Comments #

Commenting is the most popular way of communication in NAVIGATOR365. It is used for writing quick messages that are attached to a document and can be used for notifying multiple users at once as well as for keeping longer conversations. In this place you can also make notes or additional info just for yourself.

To start, open the document that you want to comment on. On the top right corner of your screen press the “Comments” section, which will lead you to the comments tab. What you see first are previous comments (in case there are any). You can add your comments at the bottom of the list. It is worth noting that you can mention other users by writing their names after the “@” sign. After saving the comment, users will be immediately notified about the comment. Everybody who has permission for viewing this document will also be able to see your message (unless your form is configured otherwise).


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