News in the 2.0 version

Adding process steps update #

The way of adding new steps to the process has been greatly improved. It is now more user-friendly as the system guides you to the correct choice giving also a brief description of possibilities of the step.

In practice, when adding a new step to the process, the window pops up from the right with a choice of possible options. Options are grouped under tabs: Conditional, Attachments, Communication, User, Workflow and Other.

Scrolling down and up moves the lists between tabs also with no need for clicking each tab.

The search box helps find an action and uses keywords to look at the name and description.

Once the user chooses the action by pressing Apply the screen jumps straight to activity settings to set it up. Setting all actions has not been changed from previous versions.


New privilege to administrators of System application #

From version 2.0 each administrator of System application is by default an administrator of all applications with privilages to modify. This creates consistency as the System administrator becomes a “super admin” with ability to change anything in the system even if the app creator did not give him administration privileges.

It is now advised to select a limited number of administrators to the System app.

Getting emails with authorization OAuth2 #

Action get mails is now using only registerred mail account in System application. When doing so we have added an extra leyer of authorisation OAuth2 for Gmail and Office365 accounts. For Office365 mail accounts it is now required Client ID and Tenant ID (can be received from your Office365 system administrator). For Gmail accounts it is required Client ID and Client Secret (possible for Google Cloud Console accounts).

Grouping forms by its type #

When creating more advanced applications the list of forms used in the application is now groupped by type. It helps choosing the correct form from Forms, Dachboards, Configuration forms, Composite attributes.


Compact appearance #

When working on a small screen like laptop, macbook it helps to have a more compact view of the system. It is now possible to switch apperance from Comfortoable to Compact.

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