Getting started

Logging into the system #

When you first access NAVIGATOR365, the first screen you see is the login screen. To get into the system, you need to enter the login and password. You should get this information from the system administrator.

If you do not remember your password, you can use the password reminder mechanism. Just select the I don’t remember my password option and enter your email address in the window that will appear. If there is a user associated with the email address in the system, an email will be sent with instructions for recovering the account password.




After first logging in, you will see a list of pre-made applications.

The next time you log in to the system, instead of all applications you will see the last application you used.


Every application has a system dashboard. The system is highly configurable so on your system it could look different, depending on if you have changed it or input more/different data. The standard form looks as follows:

  1. Your applications.
  2. Shortcuts.
  3. Your recent documents.
  4. Documents that await your action.

After you first log into the system #

NAVIGATOR365 is a no-code platform built of applications. Every application has its own dashboard and its own unique elements needed for the right functioning. Each application is a collection of forms, lists and procedures for some specific area, such as purchases, car fleet or recruitment.

All applications to which the user has permissions are visible in the menu on the left during the first log in. By hovering the mouse over this menu, you can select a particular application or its item.

Choosing application #

If there are too many applications and working with the full set is inconvenient to work with, you can limit it to one application. Just select it from the tiles or from the application menu.


When you select an application, the menu on the left will contain only items from that application.

Through the application menu, you can always switch to another application.


Document repository #


Unlike in NAVIGATOR, in NAVIGATOR365 there is no document repository of all the documents in the system. Instead, they are sorted by type and stored in the applications.


In some of the applications, like CRM, you can narrow down the number of documents by searching by types, like so :


Responsiveness and adaptiveness #

 When working with the documents, you might need additional space on the screen. To do this, simply press the application’s menu icon and the elements of the application will be hidden. It limits the elements to its icons. With these mechanisms, you have almost the entire screen available for the items you are working on.


Dashboards #


Each application has its own dashboard. The dashboards are highly customizable and serve the purpose of visualizing the most important data and quickly navigating to documents that are awaiting user responses – such as letters that the user must approve.







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