General info #

One of the available applications offered by NAVIGATOR365 is Cars. It is an application made to help you manage your company’s car fleet. This application consists of a dashboard, cars, services, reservations, and analysis. This app was made to help you manage your car fleet as well as allocate cars, manage car reservations, etc.

Dashboard #

In the dashboard, you can access several functions like adding a new car, service, or reservation using dedicated buttons. You can also see your active cars, vehicles that are at the service stations, your incoming payments, and, like in all the apps in NAVIGATOR365, documents that are awaiting your action. Overall, the dashboard is designed to present you with all of the needed and current information that you might need when first accessing the app.

All the elements can be resized, allowing you to focus only on the ones that you work with. You can also expand some of the elements to give you more detailed information.

Cars #

Next, there is a Cars section in the app, where you can see all vehicles and filter them by type, status, fuel type, etc. It is a place where you can quickly access information about your vehicles by choosing the right category.

When clicking on the vehicle, you access a form with information about it, such as general information, technical information, important dates, status, and owners.

There are also tabs with even more information about accidents, workflows, or permissions.

Services #

The next module is services. Here you can add a new service by clicking the New button.

You have to sign the form and fill out all the relevant information, then it will be sent further in the workflow. You can also add comments and tag your coworkers in the Comments tab.

The services have statuses such as Done and Planned, which comes in handy when you want to analyze what’s yet to be paid.  The list gives you all the needed information just in one glance but if you want more detailed information, you can click on a pink number.

Reservations #

This module helps you in reservation management: here you can reserve cars or assign them to your co-workers. You can choose a car from the available ones while checking if it’s available for your selected time frame.

Analysis #

Finally, there is also an analysis module, where you can find statistics for cars, services, or reservations. This section is particularly helpful when in need of business analytics.

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