Progressive Web Application

Comfort of the installed app, ease of maintenance of the web app

PWA is a modern technology that allows the installation of a web application on mobile devices. The benefits include faster and smoother operation of the application and push notifications. At the same time it is cost effective as web application, because it works on every operating system.


Amazing front-end framework developed by Google

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building mobile and web applications. Due to its architecture, it is often chosen to create professional high-availability services.


Best featured, perfect looking controls

Why to break open doors? We don’t develop our own controls. At least if we don’t have to. Instead we equipped the platform with solutions developed by one of the top players – Devexpress.

Best BPMN diagramming tool

For designing diagrams we use BPMN designer developed by We found this solution most convenient for platform’s use cases.


Extensive API, ready to use connectors

Integrating the platform with other systems can be as simple as selecting one of the pre-built connectors (e.g. Twitter, Slack, Teams). In the case of more complex integrations, specific add-ons can be developed using full REST API available

System agnostic

Can be hosted on Linux or Windows

Thanks to modern .NET framework the system can be hosted on Windows as well as on Linux.

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