We code so you don’t have to!

Complex Low-code platform for IT processes and devices records

Easy to use

The system has a modern, intuitive architecture, similar to what you have used before, making it easy peasy to work on. You just need one glance at the NAVIGATOR365 dashboard before you know what needs to be done. In case you get stuck, we provided full documentation and tutorials on how to use NAVIGATOR365.

Less code, more work done

Less doesn’t mean worse. Our applications are ready to use but can be customized up to your will. By working on preconfigured elements you can split your work time in half!

Control everything from one place

Your dashboard was designed in a way so every priority action and the list is visible right away. With NAVIGATOR365 you will never miss a deadline or hardware malfunction.

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Unlimited possibilities of IT app development

Apps are easy to create. Especially when you don’t have to code them. NAVIGATOR365 prepares an environment in which you can simply choose elements that you want to include inside your app and customize it to your will. Create anything from forms or lists to dashboards.

Report defects, report fixes

It takes just a few steps to report flaws and glitches, which can later be followed through further fixing stages. Thanks to data gathering by the system, any issue can be reported without downtimes. NAVIGATOR365 also analyzes information about defects, costs, and usage of IT hardware and software.

Don't take your eye off from your permissions

NAVIGATOR365 is ideal for monitoring permissions and access to various company resources. It also allows you to change the visibility of applications for selected people or departments.

All the deadlines in your pocket

Easily build a notification system for each device, vehicle or machine to remind you of expiring licenses, upcoming maintenance dates and other important dates. NAVIGATOR365 constantly monitors the status of your equipment and will notify you when something is wrong.

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