This application is aimed to make the recruitment process easier by putting all the documents and candidates in one place. You can check previous campaigns that your company has organized or create a new one. Everything you need for gathering the information about your recruitment.

Dashboard #

The Dashboard in the Recruitment application doesn’t differ from other dashboards in Navigator365. It is a place from where you can do most of the operations or find the most current documents waiting for you. The system prepares the data for your convenience.

Inside there are sections: Active campaigns (shortcut), New applications, Accepted applications, Applications waiting for your action, Interesting candidates, and Active campaigns (list).

Active campaigns show you the number of active campaigns currently and the change between this quarter and the last one. You can also create a New Campaign by pressing the button in this section.

New applications show you the number of new applications in this quarter and the change between this quarter and the last one. You can also Show the list of New applications by pressing the button in this section.

Accepted applications show you the number of applications accepted in this quarter and the change between this quarter and the last one. You can also Show the list of Accepted applications by pressing the button in this section.

Applications waiting for your action is a list of recruitment documents in which you have an action to make in a workflow, sorted from the most recent one (unless you want to sort it otherwise).

Interesting candidates is a list of active candidates.

Active campaigns (list) show current recruitment campaigns going on with the details that might be important for you. You can go into any of these documents with just one click by pressing the pink links in your documents row.

Waiting for your decision #

It is a list of application documents that are currently waiting for your action in the workflow. We described more about lists in the paragraph below.

Applications #

Every person that has been taking part in your recruitment will be found in the Applications section. For simplicity, they are divided into Active applications, New applications, Backup applications, and Accepted applications, depending on their current state. Every application can be a part of more than one category.

Every one of those lists works the same way. It’s the list with names, contact data, campaign, and modifying information. you can Edit, Copy, or Delete any application by pressing the button on the right. Those lists are also easy to sort or filter. Every column name is clickable and by that, we can sort elements according to it. For example by pressing “Full name” we can sort our applications from A to Z.

In case you want to exclude some results, you can filter things by pressing the Filter symbol next to the column name. Or simply press the button underneath them, choose “Contain” or “Does not contain” and put your phrase in.

Adding a new application can be done by pressing the “New candidate” button. An application can only be added if you accept the General Data Protection Regulation. Next, you can add all of the information and even the CV. In the “General” tab we only put basic data like name, surname, contact information, or status. In the Candidate details, we can add more specific information like Education and Work Experience. The Candidate Evaluation tab is for candidates who have passed the interview process. In there, you will gather the info about the interviewer and department head as well as their opinion on the candidate.

The process for handling the application in the organization involves approvals, interviews, the final decision, and sending automatic replies to an applicant by email and text message (a subscription plan for text messaging engines connected via API is required)

Campaigns #

The campaign is a recruitment offer for a precise position. It can be a repeatable or a one-time event only. By making a campaign it is easy to gather data about specific recruitment and also very handy in case you would like to make a recruitment for the same position in the future.

All of the campaigns are gathered in the “Campaign list”. Here you can find precise details about any campaign or even make changes to existing ones. By pressing the arrow button on the right side you can expand the campaign to get creation information, starting and end dates.



Analysis #

You can analyze the data gathered about your applications and campaigns. They both work the same way. On the top of the screen, you’ve got charts, showing the number of applications or campaigns per quarter, status, and recruiter. You can easily select the data that is interesting for you (for example, only applications from October as shown in the gif below and only accepted) and it will apply to other charts dynamically.

Below you also have a list of applications and campaigns corresponding to the data shown on the graphs.


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