General info #

NAVIGATOR365 offers a CRM – Customer relationship management – app. CRM app is used in managing and improving customer relations, it’s a tool where you can manage your contacts, sales, productivity and more.


Dashboard #

The first thing you see in the app is the dashboard. Here you can find all of the important information visualized. The information presented can be personalized but in this case, you can see the opportunities, quotes and sales by month. In these areas, you have shortcut buttons, such as New quote.

On the bottom you can find two more sections: Recently updated CRM documents where you can access all of these documents just by clicking on them, as well as Opportunities to contact today where you see the list of your contacts.

To make the work easier, you can hide some of these sections by clicking on the arrow in the right corner.

Marketing #

In marketing, you have all the marketing campaigns you ran or have ran. It is really important if your marketing and sales work closely.

You can click on the campaign to see all of the basic information, such as the cost of the campaign, who ran it and to what sales opportunities it is related.

Sales #

Here you have all the opportunities. You have all the clients and their status, who they are assigned to, their account, first contact date and the rest of the information that you can see on the screen. The system is highly responsive so you can move every element to re-organize the information.


Administration #

This section helps you to organize and administrate the groups in your app. Here you have document types, your product groups, products, payment types, currencies, tax types, bank accounts, statuses and note types.

So for example, if you have a new currency, you simply add it here and it appears in all the forms. This really helps later when you change your app. These are the “bricks” with which you will build the app.

Analysis #

Here you have all the tools for the analysis of your sales, like sales by year, manager, or account. Every parameter on the screen can be filtered, as well as there are all the documents related below on the list.

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