What is a Citizen Developer?

What is a Citizen Developer? NAVIGATOR365

Business digitalization brings a serious results like economic and society in many different parts of enterprise activity. Digitalization of companies and necessity to operations regulate to the changing market and trends, causes that speed of new solution implementation become worse. Why is this happening? Demand reporsts from business side for a new technologies, systems and computer softwares causes a situation where a enterprises needs are bigger than production and implementation possibilities of companies which provide a ordered solution. Answer for the question who is Citizen Developer is hide in tasks which have to be done by him.


What are the applications of citizen development in business?


People who work in business, through their daily working, they often have a many unusual tasks. Necessity of doing fast and manage the enterprise with efficiency, causes demand for appropriate tools, which will be the most suitable solution in a business process. Reality is different, because creation and implementation of necessery software is a long and expensive process. Amount of people making a given solution is much smaller than people who report a demand for these softwares. In this situation the only solution is develop of software, created and written by developers, which will be available for people without programming skills in daily work. Citizen Developers tools will be helpful in work and amount of solutions like that is still increasing.


Why Citizen Developer?


Citizen Developers are workers employed in companies for create, implement and develop the business applications inside organization, without a programmic necessity. Fast programmic allows to citizen developer for adding application functionalities, using short code lines, which is alternative method of application making and operations in the system. The Citizen Developer strategy is delivery (supply) a full-funcionality business applications in the shortest time as possible with minimalise a production and work costs at the same time.

The Citizen Developer strategy is delivering fully functional business applications in the shortest time possible while minimalizing production and work costs at the same time.

Citizen Developers with NAVIGATOR365 system

Citizen Developers tools are IT systems which give a possibility to create app with using the pre-developed funcionalities. NAVIGATOR365 platform allows for application creating, which improve a current processes and will help solving problem inside organization and possibility of fast making changes in application anytime, casuses that risk of non-matching application to market conditions is reduce. Low Code Citizen Developer will be able to composing a full working app, which improve a processes in enterprise and makes easier of goals realization.

Benefits of citizen development

Making applications by Citizen Developer is a trend, which allows for time saving and necessery resources to develop and implementation of needed application, thankful to self-sufficiency of Citizen Developers hired to composing the apps in company. Production process of business application on each step is shorter and easier because we don’t need a whole developers team. Expectations with a new application is clear and citizen developer can work alone, reducing the time needed for apps realization to minimum at the same time. In compare of Citizen Developer vs Professional Developer, that Citzien Developer has an advantage as time of change implementation in created application with reducing the risk of bugs and errors appear.


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The need for citizen development


Significance of Citizen Developers is a future in digitization enterprises parts and business area, where Citizen Developer can create the apps independently, through the short time and low production costs. Possible changes in application functioning will be implemented ad-hoc. Citizen Developer is a perspective, which will be surely noticed in the nearest future with serious changes in enterprise acticity and meaning of programmic languages in daily work. There is a big change that Citizen Developers trend stay with us longer and becomes a standard in modern business.

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