Masterclass: my first app from scratch with zero coding knowledge

Masterclass: my first app from scratch with zero coding knowledge | NAVIGATOR365

Despite the lingering adrenaline of attending the European Collaboration Summit conference, we are thrilled to announce our next masterclass tailored for those interested in NAVIGATOR365 and European Collaboration Summit attendees. As a token of appreciation for their interest in our product, you are invited to join our first masterclass from the cycle NAVIGATOR365 Academia. Together, we will embark on a step-by-step journey, creating an application from scratch. Throughout the session, participants will have the opportunity to pose questions, share their progress, and receive invaluable feedback and tips from our expert. This interactive experience aims to guide attendees in developing a business application without the need for coding skills.

The masterclass is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st, with priority given to the European Collaboration Summit participants, as spots are limited.

The participation is free, however, you need to register in advance. Make sure to have your demo ready, as you will replicate what our expert will show you.

We are happy to have you! Stay tuned.


  • Presentation of sample applications created in NAVIGATOR365
  • Creating a form
  • Creating lists
  • Creating a workflow processes
  • Creating a dashboard
  • Creating application menus
  • Mobility and responsiveness

Where? Online, on Clickmeeting – register here.
When? On June 1st, at 2 pm.

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