Masterclass: Data Visualization Mastery in NAVIGATOR365 – Transforming Insights into Impact

We are delighted to announce the upcoming installment of our NAVIGATOR365 Academia masterclass series, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Our next masterclass will focus on DATA PRESENTATION in NAVIGATOR365 and is scheduled for June 8th at 2 pm Central European Time. To secure your spot, please register here. Kindly note that participants are encouraged to have their demo ready, as they will be actively replicating the presenter’s instructions on their own platforms.

During this masterclass, you will gain valuable insights into data presentation, including:

  • Creating simple lists based on single and multiple forms
  • Constructing custom lists using SQL
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Managing menu options on lists
  • Developing basic charts based on lists
  • Designing and installing straightforward dashboards
  • Implementing interactivity within dashboards

We encourage participants to actively engage by sharing their screens and bringing forth any questions they may have.

Please note that seating is limited, so we urge you to reserve your place promptly to ensure you don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity.

Where? Online, on Clickmeeting. Register here.
When? On June 7th, 2 PM CET.

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