What are the advantages of adopting composable applications?

NAVIGATOR365 What are the advantages of adopting composable applications?

The connection between composable applications and enterprises

Access to the digital resources like IT services, mobile apps, browsers and internet shops is a standard in a modern world.  While many of these facilities, are used more by individuals, it is business that continues to make the greatest demand for the development and implementation of digital tools to be used in the conduct of business. It is the composing of business applications that is the main contributor to the streamlining of work in a company. 

What is composable application technology?

Composable Application is a solution that is increasingly being implemented by numerous businesses, regardless of sector and industry. Composable Applications allow for complex creation of business application, from start to finish and integrating it with the system currently used in the company, by arranging in the workspace of the environment used, blocks and attribute fields that will be in our application as an available functionality with a specific action. Lack of programming skills ceases to be a problem, and the speed of implementation of the new application allows for numerous modifications and its subsequent adaptation to changing conditions. Application of composable applications solution gives many possibilities and significantly facilitates functioning of the whole organization. Composable architecture makes the application design transparent and clear, and modifications can be made at any time.

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What benefits brings implementation of composable applications solution type?

First of all, the need for a team of developers can be eliminated, which significantly reduces development time. New applications can be developed by all employees. Does this mean that composable applications are less efficient and hide more errors than those written by a staff of programmers? Absolutely not. It’s worth remembering that the tool to create composable applications also has to be “written”, and fewer people can create something that will be accessible to many. Composable business applications are a trend that brings with it a number of conveniences in the form of shorter time to results and the speed and ease with which changes to the application structure are implemented. Probably the biggest advantage of this solution is the fact that composable applications can be created by people who do not know programming languages. Speed, ease, convenience – these are the most important benefits of composable applications.

Composable Applications, examples:

  • CRM application for customer database managament
  • HR application for personnel operations
  • ERP application for managing company resources
  • Application for warehouse resources management
  • ECM/Workflow document management application

Significance of Composable Applications in Software App Development

The importance of component-based applications is increasing in the awareness of both business owners and employees themselves who demand such solutions. Composable applications are tools designed to serve people in the business space on a large scale. Citizen developers is a term used to describe people who create business applications in environments created by developers. Composable applications are not a fad in today’s world, but a course of action that really shapes modern business. Learning programming languages can be an advantage, but to create your own business application, you just need to know how to use the environment in which you are developing it. Composable business architecture can significantly affect the market reality of running a business, as well as the use of classic forms of application development by a team of programmers.


No Code – Low Code in NAVIGATOR365 system.

NAVIGATOR365 system enables creating needed business application in easy and fast way. Starting with designing documents and forms, through building CRM and HR applications, ending with fleet service applications and reporting the demand for resources. NAVIGATOR365 offers users all the tools they need to design and develop a fully functioning business application in a clear and accessible way. Composing your own application ideally suited to the nature of your business and operations is an added value to your daily work and development of your organization. Composing business applications can be interesting and give a sense of a job well done.

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Trend of Composable Applications is a chance for many companies to improve their daily work by actions automation and make it easier. Composable applications could have influence on enterprise develop throughout add necessity applications to the current system without additional costs and employees responsible for creation and implementation new apps don’t have to spend a hundreds of hours on learning programming languages. Composable business is fast time of projects realization, reduce costs and convinience of operations, without stress and bugs.

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