No limits, no code. Marketing automation case study.

This is a call for all the marketers interested in no-code! 

Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of marketing solutions, each claiming to be the answer but falling short of your unique needs? Our Marketing Managers, Mariia and Szymon, resonate with that struggle. That’s why they took matters into their own hands and embarked on creating personalized solutions.

Mariia took the plunge by developing an app for SEO article writing automation. Meanwhile, Szymon crafted an Employee Generated Content app. Both applications emerged from a shared passion for finding efficient and personalized solutions.

During the webinar, Mariia and Szymon will guide you through their individual journeys, sharing insights into the transformative power of citizen development. They’ll reveal the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the remarkable impact of bringing their ideas to life.

Join us to:

  1. Explore Mariia’s SEO Article Writing Automation App: witness how a marketer’s need for a customized writing solution led to the creation of an app that streamlines the content creation process.
  2. Dive into Szymon’s Employee Generated Content App: discover the journey of developing an app that empowers employees to contribute valuable content, fostering a collaborative and engaged work environment.
  3. Learn No-Code Strategies: gain valuable insights into the no-code development process, including tips, tricks, and lessons learned from Mariia and Szymon’s experiences.
  4. Q&A Session: have burning questions about no-code development or curious about their specific applications? In this section, our marketing experts will answer your questions.

Important details:

  • Date & Time: 8th of February, 2PM CET
  • Platform: Microsoft Teams
  • Registration: here

Mark your calendars for an inspiring session that could spark your journey into no-code automation development!

See you there!

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