Masterclass #2: Data presentation in NAVIGATOR365

We are happy to announce the second edition of the masterclass series we are conducting as a part of our NAVIGATOR365 Academia.

For those interested in the first masterclass on building your first business app from scratch, you can access the recording by clicking on this link.

The masterclass on DATA PRESENTATION in NAVIGATOR365 will be conducted on the 24th of February at 1 pm Central European Time. You can register here. Note that you would have to have your demo ready since the participants are engaged to replicate what the presenter shows on their demos/platforms.

During this masterclass you will learn about data presentation:

  1. Creating simple lists based on one and many forms
  2. Creating custom lists using SQL
  3. Exporting data to Excel
  4. Managing menu on lists
  5. Creating simple chart based on list
  6. Creating and installing simple dashboard
  7. Implementing interactivity on dashboard

The participants will also be able to share their screens and tune in with any questions they might have.

The number of seats is limited. Make sure to reserve your place in order not to miss the opportunity.

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