How to create an app without coding?

How to create an app without coding? NAVIGATOR365

So you came up with a brilliant idea for an application. You know what parts it needs to consist of, what purpose does it serve and who should it be designed for. Great! But how are you supposed to make it in the first place?

You can hire a professional developer or maybe one of your tech friends. But this will probably not only cost you tons, but also will never be exactly how you want it to be.

Be not afraid! There is a second option that can help you overcome these two obstacles. A way of creating apps cheaper and precisely as you wish. This way is known as no-code app development. No-code platforms are the same as your typical everyday systems with the only difference that they don’t require any prior coding knowledge. It’s designed to be so simple that everybody who has access to the internet should be able to create a website, program or an application with ease.



Why Do You Need an App For Your Business?

Nowadays everything is online. The list starts from social media and emails all the way to documents, employees, clients or electronic systems. In just a few years we twisted from living only in the real world to having most of our time spent on the web. Nowadays we are banking online, making meetings through zoom, gathering data and counting with Excel and signing documents digitally. Even governments around the world are implementing more digital options. That’s why you should also consider moving your business digitally. It just makes sense to work in the same place as your resources and customers.

Can Anyone Build a Business App?

If you have a computer or even a phone, and an internet access you should be able to create business apps. Of course it would be much easier if you have prior experience working with some coding/designing tools, but it’s not required.


Is it Hard to Make a Business App?

Programming is very hard. It takes years to learn and countless attempts to make your code work. Anybody wanting to create a fully operational system with both front-end and back-end needs to invest a lot of effort.

However, no-code tools can help you create an operating application in a matter of minutes to a few days (based on the complexity of the app and simplicity of no-code solution). It’s easy and flexible. You can change your app at any given moment! The only downside is that you are limited by the solution you choose.

No-code or Low-code Platform?

You’re now familiar with no-code but have you heard about low-code solutions? Those are pretty similar with the main difference that you should have some level of coding to use low-code tools properly. Usually they also allow for a wider range of possibilities, but require tests before launch.

We explained more about the differences between those two in a separate article.

Sounds interesting? Get to know more about No-code solutionsautomation and superapps in NAVIGATOR365!

Why Should You Choose Navigator365 to Develop Your Business Application?

There are plenty of useful tools on the market allowing you to create almost everything that you can think of. If you want to make websites try Bubble or WordPress. If you want to make complex systems connected with each other Zoho may be your way to go.

But if you are looking to create a business application NAVIGATOR365 may be your best bet. It’s great for creating either personal use apps or business-oriented ones. It’s easy to learn and the subscription fees are beneficial for those who have limited budgets. Check it out for yourself!

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